Signs That You Exercise With Too Much Weight!

The best cure when we feel bad or have some self-esteem issues are resolved in the gym. Working out in general help us get the body we want and beside that we feel emotionally great. Today, there are many fitness programs that we can follow and get some great results in no time. We can find them in some Android Apps, on the internet search or simply ask for help with workout couches.

But beside the good training we must follow a certain diet so we can have the results as soon as possible. But a healthy diet is the key to a successful life in general.

It is very important to check if the program we use is good for us. It depends on our: height, weight, years, sex, profession. If you are professionally into sports you surely  need to do some advanced exercises. But if you are working out in a gym for the first time, logically have to follow the simplest exercises and get to know them well, for which body part is each exercise. After that, working out becomes your daily routine but still you have to be very careful.

Successful weight training works extremely satisfactory, but when you work with (heavy) weights without any variation, it can be a problem. In fact, overtraining of any kind only exacerbates health.

1) Irregular form

Weightlifting tires the body, and when you lift something that is too heavy for you, it often affects the shape – which can lead to injuries.

2) You do not give the body enough time to rest between the trainings

If you are constantly in the gym or exercise at home, it’s almost guaranteed that you do not give the body enough time to recover to make the performance at its optimum level.


If you are constantly training, the body goes through so much stress.It is recommended that you take a rest for 1-3 weeks.

3) Your heartbeat speed changes

Often when we lift more weight, we keep the air. But this can lead to a serious health problem called the “Valsalva Maneuver” that can cause various changes in the body, including blood pressure and heart rate.

4) You focus so much on fitness neglecting other important aspects of maintaining health

Beside  working out which is extremely important for maintaining your health, you must pay attention to a well-balanced diet and sufficient time spent on resting – often forgotten when you are focused exclusively on exercise.

Many who work out constantly think that they can eat what they want (processed or fried food, alcohol, etc.) because they will “spend it”, but it all affects health, digestion, etc. Exercise, however, without sufficient rest, leads to overtraining, which does not allow the muscles to recover and increase the chances of injury.

5) Overtraining can lead to emergency medical conditions

There is a condition called rhabdomyolysis, or shortened “rhabdom”. It occurs when, due to frequent and intense exercise, muscle tissue’s decomposition products can damage the kidneys and even cause interruption in their function.

6) You are exhausted both mentally and physically

Physical exhaustion leads to a mental, which in everyday life can have serious consequences – for example, loss of concentration while driving, and so on.


7) You have difficulty in sleeping

Studies show that exercise is good for sleep, but too much exercise can disrupt the cycle of sleep.

If your body creates too much of the hormones that increase stress, it can interfere with falling asleep and relaxing.

8) Stack with the results

One of the first symptoms of overtraining is stagnation with the results, or achievement of the plateau, as well as continuous reduction in performance.

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