Men Hate These 10 Female Habits!

Rarely who approves the generalization and division of typically male and typically female habits and actions, because everyone wants to be valued for their unique qualities. However, no one can deny that there are certain aspects of behavior characteristic of women, which cause frustration, reluctance or confusion in men.

Women mostly like to talk more and think more, while men always say what’s on their mind and they are more likely simple than women.

Here are the feminine habits that often cause displeasure in men:

You do not order dessert, and then “attack” your partner’s dessert. Trying to preserve the beautiful figure, women often skip dessert. Men have nothing against it. What irritates them is when the question “Want a dessert?” Is answered “No, I’m overjoyed“, and as soon as the sweet satisfaction arrives, a timid “Let me try” comes to their ears. The worst is when the dessert is delicious, and they have to share with the desired one more bite.

Surrender in the middle of the game to avoid defeat. It does not matter if it’s a computer game, a recreational sport or a card game, women do not want to lose, so when they sense that they are threatened with defeat, they tend to give up and break the game before the end comes. It terribly annoys men who, due to the competitive spirit, await the victory with the enthusiasm and the moment when they can show the winning smile.

They speak a lot, often at the wrong time. Women love to speak. Unlike men who say an average of 7,000 words a day, women reach up to 20,000 words a day. Men often prefer to enjoy silence, especially when watching a sporting event, a movie blockbuster or playing a favorite game. In those moments, the female voice is either completely ignored or is a source of nervousness.

Discuss the problems with their female friends. Women often discuss problems with their girlfriends and it is often their friends to learn about the existence of a particular problem before they understand / find out their partner. Men are more reserved and less often “confess” to their friends, so they can not understand the female need for loving consultations with friends. It would especially be annoying if you offer them a dispute resolution council signed with your friend’s name.

They cry without a special reason. It’s true that women are crying for everything and insulting word by the partner, a bad hairstyle, a sad-faced film, a film with a happy ending … especially when it’s the bad time of the month. Cycle! Men know that gentlemen are sensitive, but they irritate them when they need to console and calm her partner, and they themselves do not know the reason for her tears. At the moments of female “sadness” they just do not know how to act, and they hate when they are “stuck” in such a situation.

They move their partner’s personal belongings. Men want to know where their car keys, driver’s license, wallet … Even when chaos reigns in their home, they are successfully coping with the invention of personal belongings and clothing. Therefore, they are terribly annoyed when their subjects “get their feet” and move to a completely different place than they were left. Female subordination in such situations does not awaken the positive feelings of men.

They have a closet full of clothes and NEVER have anything to wear. Sometimes men are just as preoccupied with their outward appearance as women. But their closet definitely does not “hide” as much pieces of clothing as the female one. It is true that clothes are a great female obsession and men have long accepted this fact. But what they can not accept is the female statement “I have nothing to wear” when the closet is full of clothes.

They get angry without giving an answer which is the reason for that. Sometimes women have a habit of saying “I do not care” when it’s too obvious that they are angry about something. In those moments in their head turns: “If he really knows me, he will know what is wrong.” But while men can read female emotions, mystery is often the reason behind them.

They show the capabilities of a police inspector. Female probing knows how to be immaculate. “With whom did you go out to coffee?”Tom was with his girl or alone?”, Where were you?” … Because of the hundreds of women’s issues per minute, men know how to feel like they are in police questioning, pressure, panic and, of course, a lot of nervousness.

They ask, “What are you thinking about?” too often! The popular claim that men can lie for hours and not think of anything is a mistake. It’s absolutely natural that hundreds of thoughts are turning into their heads at any moment of the day. But the frequent question “What do you mean now?” Will not cheer them up for talk, but only create a feeling that you do not give them peace and space, so expect a nervous answer.

So, ladies, next time make sure you remember what are the things that pisses off your loved one. That way you will enjoy more grateful time spend together rather than arguments and fights which we all hate to be honest.

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