How To Remove Dry & Cracked Skin On Feet At Home Fast!

Women’s feet should be regularly nourished. They should always be smooth and attractive, and not just during the summer months. And the biggest and most common problem that destroys the beautiful look of the feet is the dry and rough skin of the heels.

A truly nurtured woman never neglects her feet, whether she is concealed in warm boots over the winter or is shown before all during the summer. But even if your boots helped you forget your foot care, it’s time to correct your mistake so you can jump confidently into the summer modern sandals. Pedicure is the most effective way to highlight the beauty of your feet. In addition to allowing you to improve the appearance of nails and skin, it will help to improve your circulation in the legs and prevent the onset of nails in the skin.

The fired toes not only that look unattractive, but they can bring a lot of pain. The unpleasant rough cracked skin can occur due to dry skin, illness (diabetes, thyroid problems), long standing, obesity, inappropriate footwear, etc. Ignoring the cracked heels can lead to worsening of the situation. Therefore, start taking care of the skin of your feet today. Your legs will be grateful.


The first step in caring for the feet is removing the rough skin, which often has an unattractive yellowish look.

Hot bath for softening the skin. Put in a hot shower water a little shower gel or soap. Soak your feet about 10 minutes. The warm water will soften the rough skin so you can more easily remove it. Wipe your feet with a cloth without rubbing.

Rough exfoliation. Begin to rub your heels with a file or a toe, without pressing firmly. Be gentle. Pass the heels several times until you notice that most of the rough skin is removed.

Gentle exfoliation. To thoroughly remove dead skin, you can buy the appropriate peeling or make your own. All you need is sugar and a little essential oil. For best results, use mint oil or tea tree oil. They are an integral part of many cosmetic creams and lotions for soles. Using a mixture of sugar and oil, start rubbing your feet with circular movements. Thanks to crystalline sugar, you can completely remove the dead cells from the surface layer of the skin. In the end, wash your feet with warm water and a little soap.


Once you get rid of the rough layer, you need to “nourish” the skin. For this purpose, make a mask of overgrown banana and lemon juice. Chop an overgrown banana and squeeze a lemon juice. Place a cloth on the floor and place a transparent kitchen foil on it. Apply the prepared mixture to the feet. Place a thicker layer on the heels. Lower the foil legs and relax for 10 minutes.


Before bedtime, brush your feet with Vaseline or olive oil and put on cotton socks. Leave to sleep. To avoid the appearance of dry cracked skin on the heels, it is necessary to moisten and soften the skin regularly. Buy a suitable cream and soak them every night.

As we mentioned previously, you can make some pedicures at home and enjoy the soft skin on your feet, This way, your feet will heal in no time and you’ll be no more in pain after the long work day or the uncomfortable heels that you wore that day. Here are some steps on how to properly do your pedicure at home.

If you want to take care of your feet and achieve perfect appearance, you can make a homemade pedicure.


Play on some relaxing music, start a smelly wand and enjoy the pedicure just like in an expensive beauty center.

  • Remove the old nail polish

If you have nail polish on your nails, remove it using cotton swabs and acetone, or better yet – with a removable bezel without acetone. Soak the tampon and rub your nails with it. If the arc does not come out easily, then dip the plump cotton buffer with acetone and place it for a few seconds on the nail. If you have nail stains or you seem to have become overwhelmed by the over-use of a colored lacquer, now it’s time to rub them out with an old toothbrush and paste designed for tooth whitening.

  • Soak your feet in a warm bath

Do not do it hastily. Enjoy longer in the domestic pedicure. Immersing your feet in a warm bath, except for giving you the desired purity, will help you feel good and will soften your skin, preparing it for exfoliation. Fill a bowl of warm water and add 2 cups of milk and 1 teaspoon of essential oil of rosemary, mint, tea tree or lavender. Place a small towel on the bottom of the leg, which will be a comfortable base for your feet. Then dip your feet and enjoy at least 10 minutes.

  • Make yourself an exfoliation

The pedicure will have no effect if you pay attention only to your nails. The rough skin of your feet is particularly unattractive, so you should try to remove it. Start with a foot brush. Nice to brush both feet. It will help you remove some of the dead cells on the surface of the skin and soften the feet. Next is peeling. If you do not have a finished cosmetic product for that purpose, you can prepare homemade peeling by mixing sugar, olive oil and a few drops of essential oil. Massage peeling from the toes to your fingers and up to where you need it. Constantly make circular movements. Do it for 2 minutes on each foot and then wash them with warm water. Proceed with a stone or a toy store. Regular use of stone or a file will make wonders for the skin of your feet, so do not skip it.

  • Form your nails and arrange the cuticles

Dry well your feet and take a nail snack, cuticle oil and cuticle cutter. Cut your nails in a straight line and avoid cutting the corners, otherwise you risk the unpleasant and painful rotation of the nails in the skin. The length of the nails should not exceed the tip of your fingers. To round the corners, use a file. Then apply the cuticles with special oil and push them with a wooden rounded wand to the root of the nail. Soaking your feet in a warm bath softens the cuticles and their arrangement should be easy. Do not cut cuticles with a stew.

  • Soften your skin and give yourself a massage

Put your favorite lotion on your hands. Brush your feet with it and massage them with circular movements. Massage improves circulation, relaxes muscles, reduces pain, and reduces foot wear. Massage until the lotion is absorbed into the skin.

  • Polish your nails

Take a cotton swab and remove the lotion from your nails. Then apply them to the substrate. If you do not have a primer for varnish, place a transparent nail polish. He will protect your nails, especially if you use a lacquer in a strong color. It is recommended to put two layers of varnish, but still, as well as the color of the arc, remains to be of your choice. Once the nail polish is dried, you can use a little oil to further soften the skin.

It is recommended that a person takes 10 000 steps every day to preserve his health. To make every step without problems, cherish your feet as they deserve, because they carry the entire body weight.

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