How To Quit Cigarettes Without Gaining Weight?

Nowadays, the outer appearance is very important, and in this context, the biggest  nightmare is having more pounds. You must have heard that smoking cancellation is a recipe for weight gain and maybe the fear of extra pounds still keeps you bound to that unhealthy habit.

The bad news is that really gaining pounds after giving up cigarettes is very common. It is thought that four out of five former smokers have increased their weight by 2-5 kg ​​after pulling away from this harmful habit. The good news is that weight gain is not inevitable. Denial of cigarettes does not work the same in every person and does not “gift” the pounds to every ex-smoker.


  • Increased appetite. Cancellation of cigarettes is followed by an increase in appetite. While smoking, nicotine suppresses your appetite, so after giving up, it’s normally more likely to feel hungry and as a result you eat more often.
  • Slower metabolism (slower calorie burning). Immediately after inhalation of cigarette smoke, nicotine accelerates metabolism, as well as heart rate by 10-20 beats per minute. When you stop supplying your body with nicotine, the metabolism will return to normal. Well, if during this adaptation period you’re entering the same number of calories as when you smoked, you should expect some pound plus.
  • Sharpens the sense of taste. After the cancellation of cigarettes, most of the former smokers experience sharpening of the sense of taste. Thus, the food will smell more attractive and it will be tastier, so it is logical to want to eat more.
  • A desire to find a new source of pleasure. Smokers enjoy the withdrawal of smoke because nicotine increases the level of dopamine (a neurotransmitter associated with a sense of pleasure) in the brain. Once you stop smoking, you will need a replacement for cigarettes. High-calorie foods like cookies, and also alcohol, have almost the same effect. Well, it is normal to have an increased desire for sweet and oily food or alcohol after the cancellation of cigarettes.
  • Empty hands and mouth. Smoking keeps your mouth and hands busy, so after canceling you will feel that you are missing something. Eating is the most common substitute for smoking because it engages both hands and mouth.
  • Using food as a substitute for cigarettes in moments of stress and boredom. Exhausted smokers often use food as a substitute for cigarettes, so they eat at times when they need to cope with stress or boredom, even if they do not feel hungry.


To make it easier to quit cigarettes without getting fat, think positively and follow the following tips:

  • Do not cancel cigarettes during holidays. People eat much more during the holidays (New Year, Christmas, Easter), and in addition, they hang out together, so if you are surrounded by smokers, you will hardly extinguish the desire for a cigarette.
  • Make a plan. The plan you need to do before quitting cigarettes should include: a list of activities that drive you to smoke, a list of activities to fill in the time you normally smoke, a list of healthy foods to consume, a list of physical activities you adore etc.
  • Wherever you go, wear a bottle of water. Drinking water will make you feel full, reduce your appetite and keep your hands busy. If you are in the company of a smoker, drink often one bottle of the bottle to more easily suppress the desire to join in smoking.
  • Avoid alcohol. Control your desire to drink alcohol, because alcohol is high-calorie, so its excessive consumption can bring you increased weight. Additionally, the desire for a cigarette among most ex-smokers increases multiple times when consuming alcohol.
  • Forbid the strict diets. If you try to lose weight at the same time as you cancel the cigarettes, you will have to deal with two causes simultaneously, which increases the risk of failure. Set a priority to quit cigarettes, then you’ll be worried about your line.
  • Keep in your hands healthy “snacks”. Keep in the frying pan chopped vegetables (cucumbers, carrots or peppers chopped on long strips). When you want to put something in your mouth, instead of turning to chocolate or big chips, take some vegetables. Not only will you enter a good dose of vitamins and minerals, but you will also consume fewer calories. It is important to store the vegetables chopped, because if you have to wash them, lumps and cuttings, you will probably choose to bite something that is easier for you to consume (chips, chocolate, etc.).
  • Eat small meals several times a day. The more often you eat, the less you will feel hungry. But keep in mind that meals should include small portions. Be careful when choosing food and try to resist the temptation to consume of high-calorie foods. Enter more vegetables and fruits in your diet, not only because they are healthy, but also because they give them a bad taste for cigarettes.
  • Choose a healthy snack. When hunger strikes you in between meals, choose a low calorie and healthy snack like fresh fruit, popcorn without butter, or a low fat percentage of yogurt.
  • Be physically more active. Regular exercise not only burns calories but also destroys the desire for a cigarette. Studies show that people who practice while quitting cigarettes are pumping less pounds or not at all thickening, and they have twice as many chances to quit cigarettes than those who do not practice.
  • Give an “occupation” to your hands and mouth. The need to have something in your hands or in your mouth does not have to satisfy you just by eating. You can buy chewing gum, candy or liquids without sugar.
  • After a meal, instead of igniting a cigarette, wash your teeth. All smokers especially enjoy the cigarette burned after a meal. In that situation, the best way to avoid burning a cigarette is to wash your teeth. Do not forget that the desire for a cigarette lasts only a few minutes, and while you brush your teeth, you will forget about cigarettes. In addition, clean teeth will ruin your desire to “bite” another thing, as a substitute for a cigarette.
  • Be more busy. To get your attention away from cigarettes, stay busy. Physical activities such as walking or fulfilling your homework will not only eliminate you from eating, but will also help you in the process of burning calories. Are you coming to lit a cigar? Get up and sweep the floor with a vacuum cleaner. So you will not smoke, you will burn extra calories.
  • Say to yourself how life is better without cigarettes. Provide reasons like “I’m better breathing“, “I have more time for fitness,” “I improved my health,” “My fingers become whiter,” and so on.

At the end … Do think on the weight all the time, even if you feel your jeans become narrower. The enlarged stomach should not encourage you to reach again after the cigarettes.  Your health is much more important. First successfully cancel the cigarettes, and after stabilizing, you will be able to concentrate on losing the two or three kilograms.

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