How To Make Your Partner Go Crazy For You On The First Date?

You’ve probably noticed that there are girls who immediately attract views with their appearance, in a positive way. Their secret is self-confidence. Self-esteem is attractive, sexy and coveted. It shows that you know how much charm you have and respect yourself.

When you are in a love meeting, the choice of words that will come out through your mouth is important, the choice of clothing and make-up is important, but the way you behave is no less important. Your movements, looks and posture are “talking” for you, perhaps more than you would like. While you try to impress someone, remember that body language says much more information about you than your words. Well, try to control the gestures and learn to open your body openly. The open body language of the body is a feature of the confident and sociable personalities that people want to know and enjoy in their presence.


The eyes are a window to the soul.”

How do you expect someone to look into your soul, when you do not let them see the color of your eyes? Remember, eye contact reveals that you are an interested and self-confident person who knows how to be a good listener. In fact, eye contact is one of the best ways to express your self-esteem. But it does not mean to stare with the wide-eyed in the person sitting opposite you, saying that you are listening, because that will make you look a little crazy and leave a bad impression. Instead, turn off your eyes from time to time, then return it again. Do not forget to blink, but not too often. Avoid looking down into the ground while walking. Yes, it may mean that you look out for where you are going, but in others it leaves the impression of an unconvincing person. If you do not control it, it can turn you into a habit. No one would like to talk to a person looking at the ground and acting indifferently.


People’s faces are like an open book. Your words can be read from the expression on your face. People with low self-esteem are tense, have a half-smile and make nervous movements with their mouth and eyebrows. The easiest way to hide nervousness and is smile. It is a sign of a satisfied person or a person with a sense of humor. The honest smile increases the positive effect of non-verbal communication several times.


The movements with your hands tell you a lot about you. They tell to you date whether you are nervous, timid, introverted or interested. Here are some tips that will help you through your hands to express your self-confidence and cover up your lace:

  • Never keep your hands in your pockets. As long as you hold your hands in your pockets, people around you will see you as an insecure person with low self-esteem.
  • Do not cross your hands. The purpose of the meeting is not to embracing yourself, but to show that you are open enough to communicate freely with your partner. The generally accepted rule is that people with folded hands are timid and unwilling to openly talk.
  • Do not play too much with your hair. This is the most common sign of nervousness in women. Your hands can be your enemy at the first meeting, because they are usually issued with nervousness and insecurity. If you touch your hair with sharp and fast movements, you immediately show that you do not feel comfortable. On the other hand, if you sometimes lift your hair with slow and sleek movements, it’s a sign that you’re flirting.
  • Keep your hands calm and stable. As your hands can be your enemies, they can be your friends if you learn to control them and keep them calm.
  • Gesture while talking. That way you will keep your hands open, not hidden. It will show your interlocutor that you are sincere and confident in what you are talking about.


The crooked head and the avoidance of eye contact have the same meaning – they are features of a person with low self-esteem. Therefore, at the first meeting, it is advisable to keep your head upright and look toward the interlocutor. Listening is important, but just as important is nodding. It will leave the impression that you listen and understand what the person you are talking to is talking to you. But do not overdo it with tiring, because you can achieve a completely opposite effect from the desired one.


You all know the difference between a self-confident upright sitting and an insecure, even ugly attitude. Poor position of the body conveys indifference and indifference. In contrast, the straight seat emits self-reliance and attraction. Of course the second is for preference. Sit up, with raised shoulders, whether at home or at home with your friends. So it will get you into a habit, so it will not be difficult for you to apply it when you are in a loving meeting.


No one wants to be disturbed and maintaining the proper distance is very important for the success of the first meeting. If you want to show that you are interested in what your date says, lean forward, but not too much. Getting too close to your interlocutor can present you as an assaulted person. If you want to show that you are sure of what you are talking about and if you want to show self-confidence, return to your original position (fixed with a high raised head). Be careful not to deviate too much, because it will present you as arrogant and unreachable.

Make sure you follow the above steps and remind yourself that being you is the best makeup for you body & mind. Find someone that will fall in love in the real you. Nobody is perfect, but the love goal is to love someone with his/her imperfections.

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