15 Everyday “Sweatless” Activities That Help You Burn Lot Of Calories!

You do not have to slide drops of sweat on your back to burn a significant amount of calories and thus keep the attractive figure. Everyday activities are your chance to dissolve calories without feeling anxiety and breathlessness. Pushing a shopping cart in a supermarket for 1 hour will help you burn about 150 calories

Here are the situations where you can burn at least some of the calories you have entered with the last meal:

Instead of sitting on the bus, give it your seat to the elderly

Stand in the city bus while you go to work or at college. The movement of the bus will immediately activate the muscles, which will begin to maintain balance and stability. While you put forth effort to keep up your feet, different muscle groups will be hardened and burn calories at a much faster pace than if you use not very clean bus seats.

Drink cold water

Cold water not only acts refreshingly, it also burns extra calories. Why? Our body constantly maintains the same body temperature, and when we bring cold water, it works diligently to fulfill its task, which translates into the burning of more calories. Consuming 8 glasses of cold water per day burns 70 calories more than drinking eight cups of water at room temperature.

Play with your kids instead of watching them while they are having fun

After your return from work, probably everything you want is a rest, but for your figure it is better to join your little ones. The game will not only bring you closer, it will also save you 150 calories in half an hour.

Sit restlessly

Even if you are calm, while sitting, imitate the nervous personages. And the simplest movements, such as restless legs shaking, shifting your legs one over the other, short stretching and sitting, stretching your hands and moving your head left-right, burn about 300-350 extra calories a day.

Take the responsibility for shopping

The usual food shopping consumes about 150 calories per hour. But you can increase that figure if you decide to take care of carrying the groceries yourself. If you buy only a few products, choose a bucket instead of a cart. Put fewer products in the bags and carry them to your car instead of using a wheelchair.

Move and stand at work as often as you can

Use the break at the workplace not only for eating, but also for movement. Stand as you talk to your colleague, walk around the office while talking on your mobile phone, stand while reading an e-mail. Be creative and use every opportunity. Standing burns 40% more calories than sitting.

Make spicy meals

Angry spices, especially chilly, can accelerate metabolism to 50%. The effect lasts almost 3 hours after the discharge of the bowl.

Park as far as possible from the workplace or get off the bus before

Every step is important when you want a beautiful line. Plan your time and get out of home early to have time for a little physical activity. The energetic 20-minute walk burns 90 calories. Maybe it seems a bit, but it’s not at all if you practice it 2-3 times a day.

Relax your partner with a massage

He will be overjoyed, and you will burn extra calories. A 30-minute massage will release you from 130 calories.

Compete with yourself while cleaning

Set aside to clear a certain part of the home for a specified period. For example, clean the toilet for 20 minutes or the kitchen by 40. The energetic 20-minute cleaning burns about 100 calories or twice as much of slow purging.

Prefer the stairs in front of the elevator

Using the elevator sounds nice, but at the same time it takes your chance to strengthen the muscles of your legs and buttocks and release 50 calories that would burn if you climb the stairs for 5 minutes.

Slip the grass in the yard

 Do you constantly relay this obligation to other members of the family? Take care of the look of your yard. The 30-minute grass mowing will help you burn about 140 calories.

Wash your own car yourself

Why throw money in a car wash when one-hour car wash can be a fun activity that melts about 200 calories. Car washing requires great and powerful movements from you, so it will not only make the car shine, it will also help you maintain your line. Want to burn more calories? Clean the car inside, too.

Make yourself some new fashion combinations

Remove the laundry from your closet and try multiple combinations. Sweets can burn up to 200 calories per hour.

Fear yourself with a horror movie

Do not know what kind of movie you’re watching at the weekend? Choose horror. Heartbeat acceleration caused by fear burns an average of 113 calories in 90 minutes. According to research by the University of Westminster, frightening films such as “The Shining”  burn 184 calories.

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