Do Not Say These Things During Love Argument!

Love arguments are an important part of every relationship. And partners with the most harmonious relationships sometimes enter the conflict zone. Depending on the approach,arguments can affect the relationship in two ways: stimulate and strength the relationship which is the good way, or open the way to a break up.

Regardless of the cause of the love argument, everyone needs to build a fair relationship with their partner. This way small battles will not turn into a fierce war.

If you do not want to cross the red line where there is sometimes no returning back, try not to use these cruel sentences during tense “discussions”:

“You are such an….

.… idiot, moron, liar, mommy’s son. “

In fact, this includes any offensive word that can come to your mind. Looked from aside, the argument looks really immature, childish and funny, if you insult your loved one using these words. Do not forget that words have the power to hurt and remain forever.

Refrain from using offensive words and simply address his name. Even in a “love war” show your manners and dignity.

Why can’t you act like …

… Anna’s boyfriend? Or like your brother?

Comparisons with other people may seem like an effective way to motivate and improve your loved one. But such exaggerated comparisons keeps the tension up even more. Therefore, comparisons should remain “locked in” your thoughts.

For example: You are thinking – “Anna lost some weights, that’s amazing, if she can i can try to lose some, too!” …but if your partner say, “Why don’t you loose some weight like Anna?“, the comparison becomes different with a very abusive character.

I want to break up!

You may think that with this statement you will look more serious and that no one should take you “for granted”, but very often your partner also reacts in an affect.So, it is quite likely that he will respond positively.

If you really want and you feel that you need to put an end to the relationship, you should say it to your partner when you are both not feeling angry and mad at each other.


I hate you!

If you allow yourself to say this things, it will be really hard to fix the damage later. This is one of those statements that you would like to forget that you said it loud. Even tho you said it in an affect, those words can really hurt your partner’s feelings. The advice is simple: Do not say it during an argument!

I really don’t care !

Now you suddenly turn into an indifferent mood, because you think it’s the right way to cool down the situation.

Perhaps it is sometimes good to leave the “love war,” but do not leave this way. Does it make sense to stay in love with a person that doesn’t really care?

I’m not mad!

You refuse to interact, and instead of making healthy discussion, you childishly and irresistibly turn your head aside and convince the partner that you are not angry. Men know you’re lying. Why did you think that someone will believe in this sentence in a first place?

Relieve your soul and build sincerity path. Tell him clearly why you are angry. If you weren’t mad, there wouldn’t be this love war.

I told you!

Ah, those sweet words that confirm your good intuition. They work so powerful to you, and so defeating to your partner. In fact, “I told you” acts like gasoline on an already burning fire.

Is there anything useful in highlighting your ego and ignorance that lasts for days/weeks.

You weren’t like this before!

People change over time, which is perfectly normal. The change is part of every mature person.. If you think your partner has changed some essential characteristics, there is another time and place and a different way to discuss changes.

Mentioning this argument in argument distracts from the real problem and will turn into a topic that has nothing to do with love war.

It’s your fault!

Even when it’s all his/her fault, that “All”, which you insinuate, makes the partner feel like an incapable loser.

Ask yourself – why are you actually with your partner if everything he/she does, is wrong? Of course you do not think that. Then do not use it at all during a fierce argument.

You are just like your mother/father!

The angry uncontrolled conflict should take out your opinion about his parents. You make double insults – both to your partner and his/her parents and it can really hurt a lot. Who would like to listen insulting words about their parents?

We have already mentioned that comparisons are forbidden in arguments, and the ones that involve parents are the worst choice of words that lead us to nothing useful.

My friends worn that it will end this way!

Men hate female intimate conversations.They are aware that the opinion of friends is very important, and in some cases even determines the course of the relationship. By the way, why should you involve the whole company in the conflict?

No sex for tonight!

While you are surely belittling your partner, you are probably aware that you are punishing yourself, too. Especially since the soothing sex after a fierce argument can be passionate and incredibly therapeutic.

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