Did You Have Dirty Dreams? Read What Your Soul Is Trying To Tell You!

Did it happen to you to wake up with a smile on your face, satisfied with last night’s sexual experience, but a few seconds after opening your eyes to realize that it was just a dream? Oh, no! Only when you think of the things that you have done, your cheeks start to blush. And when you add to them the fact that the other person was your friend / your boss / your friend’s friend / fitness gym instructor, you tend to hide your face from shame.

Do not be embarrassed, do not panic, do not dramatize. There’s nothing wrong with having sex with a person that is not your partner, but only while it’s in the dreams world. In fact, sexual dreams do not reflect your real sexual urges, but they can transfer important information about you and your character, which you may not consciously discover. The first question that comes to mind after such an exciting night is likely: “What does my dream mean?”. Does it suggest that you have feelings for the person you dreamed of, predicting your future, or removing some of your hidden sexual fantasy? Sexual dreams reflect your desires, ambitions, worries, fears, and even the feelings you push inside yourself and you are afraid to face in reality. Every person with whom you have had sex in your dreams sends you a different message.

Sex with your ex

Former partners are very popular actors in female dreams. The ex can get the lead role in your dreams and cause you to doubt whether you really got sick or whether you might need to give him a second chance or … Stop! Stop here, because the direction you are moving is wrong. Go back and instead of thinking of the ex, focus on the feelings of the dream. Regardless of whether the first thing that comes to mind is passion, excitement, or excellent communication, understand this important message. The ex is here, at the door of your dreams, to remind you what you miss in reality. Did you dream of the ex from high school or university? He symbolizes the freedom you had before you get married before you get hired and have hundreds of responsibilities each day. Have you had sex with an earlier “bad” boy? That means you lack adventure and spontaneity in your love life. Most often, these dreams arise when your current relationship becomes routine or during a dry period. Consider having sex with the ex warning that your relationship is in danger and that you need to do something to save her from monotony.

Sex with your boss

Oops, it’s uncomfortable, isn’t it? Having fun with your boss all night can only make you take a day off so you do not see his face, but it will not help you. Perhaps your boss is attracted to you in reality, but you may be repulsed, that does not matter. The dream in which you have sex with the boss means that you yearn to have more control over things that happen in your life. You want to become more authoritative and aware that you have the leadership skills, but you do not show them enough.

Sex with a colleague / friend

How to appear at work before the colleague with whom you shared the same bed last night? How to look at your friend in the eye, when the last night kisses you all over your body? Instead of raising panic and running away as if you were frantic, think about which drawing of his character you like the most. Ask yourself why he stands out from others. Perhaps your colleague is you boss’s  favorite or has incredible oratorical skills or is simply too ambitious and fully committed to his career. Perhaps your friend is extroverted and sociable or never allows gossip to touch him. As soon as this person strolls through your dreams, he wants to send you a message that he has something that you admire for which you may be slightly jealous.

Sex with a female

Certainly drinking morning coffee will pass with the thoughts “Am I homosexual?” Do not worry, your sexual orientation is not affected. Sex with a female means that you are mature and that you become more tolerant towards others that are different from you. But not just to them. This dream is also a sign that you begin to feel better in your body and accept your female curves as they are. It most commonly occurs in pregnant women, because there is nothing more gentle than pregnancy. But the dream in which you have a homosexual role sometimes also hides a warning that your relationship lacks gentleness and diversity.

Sex with celebrity

Is there a better feeling than spending the night with a person that every girl in the world longs for? Whether you have been intimate with Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling last night, consider this as a good sign. Sex with a celebrity suggests that you own a hidden talent, which your subconscious has recognized and sends you signals that it exists in you. But if you dream of having sex with George Clooney does not mean that you are a born actress. It can be a talent with which you subconsciously connect the person you dream of as diplomatic abilities, good style of expression, humanity, modesty, kindness, etc. Sex with a celebrity can refer to the fact that you have not received the deserved admission. Sometimes it also reveals that you are an ambitious person who longs for success or a higher status in society.

Sex in front of someone else’s eyes

You enjoy the passionate touches and kisses of your dream partner, but soon realize that you are not alone and that someone’s eyes curiously observe you. Sex in front of an audience – it can be frightening, but also unexpectedly exciting. It’s possible to jump right away and after you realize what you’ve dreamed, you can not stop the reddening of your cheeks. Are you coming to hide under a yogurt? If sex in front of an audience has caused you to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed in your dream, think about whether you are lately feeling that the public’s eyes are focused on your relationship. Are you afraid of what impression your partner gives to your loved ones, or that people around you are gossiping about you? Your dream is a sign that you are concerned about what others think about you. If someone else’s dreams did not make you feel uncomfortable and even aroused you, it means that you are proud of your life (especially the love one) and that you are not embarrassed to praise the whole world. This dream may also mean that you have a strong need to open and express your feelings, thoughts and ambitions.

Sex with the guy / husband of your friend

Perhaps you are immediately coming to grab the phone and call your friend to apologize, but do not worry. She does not know your dream, and the dream does not bear the meaning that first comes to mind. The dream in which you have sexual intercourse with your friend’s beloved means that he possesses a characteristic that you admire. Regardless of whether it is his modesty, intelligence or the fact that he is a real gentleman, you subconsciously yearn for her and secretly wish your loved one to own it. Think better and see where this sexual dream comes from. Did your dream come when your friend told you about the romantic surprise that was arranged by her partner or after seeing him listening with great attention and dedication?

Sex with a mysterious person, whose face is not seen

You dreamed a passionate encounter with a mysterious man, but preoccupied with excitement, did you fail to see his face? Or was his face hidden under a mask? The next morning you may wonder if it’s actually the “Prince” that will soon appear in your life. But the answer is most likely NO. The mysterious lover is not your future husband, nor the love of your life. Although you can not see his face, he is here to tell you something important. Sex with a hidden person is a message that deep in you there is an undiscovered talent, skill or positive characteristic that you do not pay enough attention to, which can help you a lot. The subconscious directs you towards it, so dedicate yourself more time to know yourself. The dream can also mean that you have discovered that your gift, but you are shy to show it to the public.

Sex between your partner and another person

Do not run instantly to make sure your loved one really cheats you. The dream in which a partner gets excited by another actually refers to you. Think! Have you recently felt insecure in yourself? Have you ever thought that you are losing your appeal and the ability to cuddle your loved one? This dream reflects your fears and signals you need to work on your self-esteem.

Remember, dreams are just dreams and are absolutely normal. It is thought that about 8% of dreams are sexually and that sex is equally frequent in the dreams of both men and women.

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