About Us

Hello everyone! My name is Edward James. I am from Boston, US but i live in NYC. I am living with my wife Ashley and we both work together on this site (and our team of course).

My wife has finished Medical Faculty and she works as doctor in a local hospital. She takes care of people’s health and makes sure to expand her skills everyday through different medical events & seminars.

I am Master’s in Journalism at SAIC. I have worked 8 years for a television and quit my job because i decided to commit my knowledge and skills into my own personal website. I also have certificate for Information and Computers Technology. I have great computers skills and love jobs that are connected with computers other devices.

NextPowerful means daily posting about many different categories such as: Health & Food, Fitness & Tips, Fashion & Beauty, Love & Relationship. We want to share powerful posts everyday and help you keep in touch with the worldwide happenings. I have employees for each category. They are all experts in their work. We combine our knowledge and check carefully all the information before we publish it on our site.

We want this site to be enjoyed from different aged visitors. We write content for kids, teenagers, adults and older population.

We appreciate everyone who visits us and we provided our Contact, so you can write us your thoughts, ideas or critics.

,,Research is creating new knowledge” – Neil Armstrong