9 Bad Habits That Destroy Your Hair!

Hair is a non-negligible element of female beauty. But while healthy attractive hair is characterized by luster, playfulness and volume, the damaged hair features cracked tops, a lifeless appearance and a texture that is not pleasant to touch. Very often we are responsible for the damage of our hair. Regardless of whether due to a lack of time or ignoring the rules for maintaining healthy hair, every woman makes certain mistakes that negatively affect the beauty of her hair. However, it is important to mention that even intense care can sometimes damage your hair and have the opposite effect of the desired one. Here are the ways in which you steal your hair’s health and destroy her beauty:

1.You always wear ponytail

Women are great fans of the hairstyle “ponytail” because it is the fastest and easiest way to achieve a middle-fashioned look. But the daily attachment of a horse’s tail to the same place on the head can permanently damage the hair. The clamped horse’s tail protects the frontal line of the hair and hair at the place where it is tied. The bad blades (rubber blades or clips with metal clips) as well as the efforts to tie the hair that has stained, damage the hair follicles and inevitably lead to damaged patches, and in some cases to hair loss.

Tip: If you can not change the hair style, attach each day one centimeter higher than before, and then start to slip down by tying the backpack down the head. Avoid stretched tying and let your hair fall freely on your shoulders whenever possible. Use silk, smooth and soft lastic.

2. You cut the unhealthy ends by yourself

Do you have a habit of touching your hair? Probably, like many women, when you come across a blossoming peak, you tear it off to keep your hair healthy. But that’s a big mistake. By tearing off, you rub the fiber unnecessarily, and this affects negatively not only its appearance, but also the very follicle from which it grows.

Tip: If you can not ignore the cracked fiber until the next haircut, take a small scissor and cut off the blossoming part.

3. You shave aggressively with the towel to quickly dry your hair

There is nothing wrong with bathing to wrap your hair in a cloth, but the aggressive rubbing of hair with a cloth is another mistake made by most women. Hair is most sensitive when wet, so strong rubbing with the towel can damage the cuticle of the hair.

Tip: After washing, first gently stretch your hair to drain excess water from it, then wrap it with a cloth and let it stand for about 10 minutes. Do not tighten the cloth too much, because in those moments the hair is most vulnerable. With this process you will drench your hair in a natural way, without the use of strong heat.

4. You wash your hair every day

Many women are washing their hair literally every day. Some do so because of the necessity to remove the stylizing means of hair and scalp, others to cool off the hot weather, others in turn, because their daily washing has turned into habit. What you need to know is that with everyday shampooing you just make a counter service to your hair. Hair looks best when natural oils from the scalp reach the tips of the hair. Frequent washing of hair leads to drying. In fact, when you apply the shampoo, you brush the natural shine of your hair, take away the hydration and unnecessarily dry it, which leads to the shooting of the cuticles. Remember, the more often you put shampoo on your hair, the less it will shine. This is the reason that you need to use a regenerator after washing the hair with shampoo.

Tip: Wash your hair every second or third day, depending on its type, because it is the most beautiful when there are natural oils on it. You only need to wash it every day if you get dirty in the workplace or if you play sports actively. If you only need refreshment, sprinkle some water in the root of the hair and dry with a hairdryer. Try to reduce the factors that dry the fiber to a minimum, and the frequent washing is definitely one of them.

5. You too often scratch your hair

Do you believe in the myth that hair should be combed 100 times each night for a shining look? It’s time to stop. Excessive movements with the comb through the hair exhaust and damage the hair and lead to the appearance of blossoming peaks and thin hair.

Tip: When combing, comb your hair with your hair several times to spread the natural oils from the scalp to the tips of the hair, but do not overdo it.

6. You are waiting for eternity before you cut your hair

This is one of the inexcusable brutal myths made by women who dream of having longer hair. But after a certain period of the last visit to the hairdresser, the tips become dry and begin to bloom, giving your hair an unhealthy look. Hairstyle has a maximum of 8 weeks before it begins to lose its shape and become difficult to stylize.

Tip: Order your haircut every 6-8 weeks. Well-groomed and time-shaved hair is shiny and full of life.

7. Use unsuitable shampoo

Although often you choose shampoo you say “It does not matter which one I choose, all the shampoos are the same”, that is not true. Because you ignore the shampoo type, but also ignoring your own hair type, many women use the wrong products. Knowing your hair type is important for proper care of it. For example, shampoos designed for dry and damaged hair are too aggressive for normal and oily hair. On the other hand, shampoos intended for oily hair , are drying the hair.

Tip: Always read what is written on the label before you buy a shampoo and choose the one that is most suitable for your hair type. If you can not determine what your hair is, next time, instead of discussing the latest scandals in the city with your hairdresser, ask for an expert opinion.

8. You untangle your hair with a comb

It is true that today’s dynamic lifestyle presses us to rush into everything we do, but when it comes to tangled hair, patience is the most important thing. If you comb in the places where your hair is tangled, you risk to rip hair and damage your hair.

Tip: Comb your hair from the tops and up to the root. When you encounter tangled paws, first untangle them with the tips of your fingers. Grooming from the scalp to the tips can cause tearing, especially when the hair is too tangled.

9. You dry your hair with a hairdryer while water droplets flow from it

Hair drying with a hair dryer while bathing water drops not only makes styling more difficult, it also does damage, because then the fibers are the most sensitive and the most vulnerable, and you will need to dry for a long time. Any crushing of the paws can lead to the tearing of unprotected fibers. Another mistake is to dry the hair dryer until the hair is 100% dry. Drying of the hair makes it prone to tearing and takes away the shine.

Tip: The hair dryer should be used for wet, not for the hair from which flows water. Always bend hair in a cloth for 5-10 minutes to dry, then dry with a hairdryer for about 5-10 minutes. Keep the hair dryer 30cm away from the hair and dry until the hair is 80-90% dry. Let the air complete the work that you started.

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