18 Effective Ways That Help You Look Younger!

Are you afraid that the years are starting to show on your face? You are not alone. Thousands of women daily standing in front of a mirror realizing how aging reflects on their beauty and overall appearance. But rather than helplessly giving up the natural aging process, actively struggle to minimize the signs that issue the number of their birthdays.

  • Use your wisdom and complement it with the following tips and tricks to keep your age secret and always receive comments that you look cherished and young:
  • Use pink and cream nail polish. Staining the nails with semi-transparent, pink or creamy coatings distracts the aging spots that appear on the skin of the hands.
  • Nourish short nails. Long nails emphasize the presence of protruding veins on the hands or prominent finger nails. It is best to maintain nail length of about 3-5 mm.
  • Maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin on the hands. While cleansing with strong materials, use gloves to prevent excessive drying of the skin on the hands. Before going to bed and whenever you have a chance during the day, cherish your hands with a glycerin or shea butter cream to restore your youthful look. You can also use a bleaching cream to eliminate aging spots.
  • Strengthen the whiteness of your teeth. White teeth will encourage you to smile more, and research shows that people perceive them as younger smiling faces. Once a week make a paste of a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of 3% hydrogen and brush it with your teeth for a minute. The effect is noticeable.
  • Prevent the appearance of cracked and dry lips. Regularly use a lip balm to eliminate the appearance of “wrinkles” on the lips. At least twice a week make yourself a peeling of sugar and honey and rub your gently lips to soften and remove the coarse layer. And most importantly, eradicate the habit of licking your lips.
  • Take care of the facial hair. Elderly women, and especially those in the post-menopause period, may notice that on their face there appeared hair above the lips and the blade that they had not previously had. The incense causes the person to look rarer and older. Nowadays, there are many ways to remove these hair – from inexpensive depilation with tapes to more expensive treatments.  Choose a method according to your options and solve this “problem”.
  • Forbid the use of dark matte lipsticks. Dark lipsticks make the lips look thinner, and the mat finish makes it even more complementary to that effect. If you want to look younger, use fresher colors of lipstick, as pink, and use luster. The glitter will make your lips look full. If you are not fan of the lip gloss, use creamy lipsticks with a satin finish.
  • Forget too long hair. Too long hair only “stays” your appearance. It is best to have the length of your hair somewhere to your shoulders. Pour into layers, because they give hair the volume and playfulness.
  • Rejuvenate with cones. Shrinkage is the fastest way to hide the wrinkles on your forehead, and it’s even more appealing because you focus your eyes.
  1. Nourish the skin on the neck just as you care for the face. Elderly women often look like a 40-year-old over a bridle, and 60-year-olds under her. Why? Because focusing on skin care on the face, they forget the neck. Remember that your neck is not your friend, because it issues years. Therefore, whenever you apply on the face cream with SPF or anti-aging cream, apply on the neck.
  • Use cream with SPF, even in winter.  In our region people are referring to protective factor cream in supermarkets only before going on a summer vacation. The truth is that the skin should be protected from the sun every day. It is the easiest and safest way to prevent signs of aging, including the appearance of wrinkles. Use cream or shampoo products with a protective factor of 15 to 30. Apply for about 20 minutes before going out of the house and do not use it only in summer, but also during the winter months.
  • Fight against wrinkles with cream with retinol. Retinol reduces the visibility of fine wrinkles and stimulates the production of collagen, which makes the skin more elastic and smoother.
  • Create an illusion of full cheeks. Over the years, the cheeks have become rejuvenated in most women and this leaves the impression of a weary face. To create an illusion of full cheeks, apply blush on apple trees, not under them as it is for contouring your face. Never place a dark blush in the hollows of the cheeks.
  • Achieve the natural look of the powdery face with the warmth of your hands. After applying the powder, bring your palms to one another and wipe them quickly several times to warm up. Then, set up on the face for about 5 seconds. The heat will help the pond to better soothe the skin on the face and in this way the powder coating will not be so obvious.
  • Change the palette’s color of makeup. Are you in love in dark brown and light cream eye shadows or in bronze blush? You may need to think about a change. Pink and peach or apricot color will give you a much fresher and younger look than bronze blush. Replace the dark brown and pastel shades with warming shades that will give your eyes the vividness.
  • Emphasize the shape of your eyes. With aging, eyelids start to burst and back up their eyes. To minimize this, use a mascara and eye pencil to sketch the contours of the eyes.
  • Draw your eyebrows. Over the years, eyebrows have become rarer, and in some cases they have become whiter. Use a pencil to sharpen your eyebrows or eye shadow to restore density and strong color.
  • Wear tops with a “V” expression on the décolleté. When shopping, skip the blouses that have a rounded semicircular expression on the décolleté, as they emphasize loose breasts. Instead, choose tops with “V” neckline.

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